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Dear friends, business partners, colleagues,

dear ladies and gentlemen,


I am delighted to have your attention and grateful to you for giving me your time right now and having an interest in me.

My new website is completed: Welcome! As a person of public life it is my declared goal to communicate directly with you even more and more intensively - via social media and this website alike. I would like you to be my guest now and to feel at home. For this reason, I am presenting myself authentically, with the most various facets, so you can get a comprehensive, honest impression of me. And if you are up for it you are welcome: to my business, to my charity projects, to my passions and hobbies. 


Cengiz Ehliz


The person. The entrepreneur. The Visionary. The Motivator

The person. The entrepreneur.

„Fortes fortuna adjuvat“, as the Latin scholar would say... Fortune or fate supports those that are brave and diligent? I don't believe in fortune! I believe in fate and that I myself can – to a certain degree – help determine it through diligent work. I am a native Bavarian (Upper Bavaria), born in Bad Tölz in 1970 as the youngest child of a Turkish immigrant worker family. I have three siblings. From my youth onwards I have always been interested in history and oriented myself by certain personalities. My parents worked hard to fulfil the "German dream" of a modest quality of live. For this reason, my three siblings and I were more or less relying on each other. This really united us! As a child I had to deal with the most various challenges of everyday life and I learned at an early age what it meant to prevail.

Guided by history

Frederick the Great proved how you can turn a vision into reality if you are working persistently and relentlessly enough. And if you don’t take yourself too seriously as a person – always in service of the task. The other – the private – side to this descendant of the noble family of Hohenzollern could just as well have been a Wittelsbach. To be in exchange with leading figures in art and culture and thereby learning, to relax, to leave your cares behind and celebrate after some exhausting weeks. The „great Prussian“ once said: „I am the first servant to this state!“ For me, a native Bavarian with migration background, he is expressing exactly what I feel. The first servant to my projects – no matter if they are of small or global dimension – that’s always me, Cengiz Ehliz. Within my team I wouldn’t ask for anything that I wouldn’t be willing to contribute myself, that I wouldn’t be setting an example for. You have my word on that! continue reading….

Personal Info

  •   +41 (0) 79 709 5705
  •   Cengiz Ehliz c/o CSC Switzerland AG, Burgstrasse 8, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen/Switzerland
„What matters in life are not only the good deeds, but much more what we leave to this world.“ – Cengiz Ehliz


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