My calling. My profession.

Photographs capture moments. But for me, some moments are meant for eternity. Step by step, the photo wall will be filled and allow for very special insights into my business and private life. Many of you know me on the „grand stage“ – as a motivator, as spiritus rector, as visionary. Some refer to me as a guru – something that doesn’t really agree with me. It is my elixir of life to enthuse people with a great idea – be it in front of 10.000 people as it was recently the case at the event in the Olympiahalle or on the very small, almost invisible stage of my charity activities or that of my „family & friends“.

My friends. My inspiration.

Some people have a magic effect on others! To have the opportunity to get to know those is a special honour to me. Even more so if I can call them my friends, such as the entrepreneur Richard Branson.

My attitude. My obligation.

Professionalism and confidence within the job are one side for me. The other side stands for humility and modesty. For this reason, I carry the title of a senator of the European Economic Senate with the utmost respect for this challenging assignment.

Impressions  weeConvention 2018