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Dear friends and dear wee family,

Do you feel good?… se menee hyvin sinulla?… سارت الامور بشكل جيد معك؟… Tout va bien avec vous? Dobro ide s tobom? Va bene con voi? Idzie dobrze z tobą? Que va bien con usted? Känner du dig bra?

When I think back on the wee Summit at the Sheraton Munich Arabellapark last weekend, a thousand thoughts run through my head. Happy, motivating and without exception positive thoughts.

First of all, though, I would like to pay three important tributes. The first concerns our guests, who came to see us from all the corners of Europe. 600 people, packed to the rafters into two rooms. It was insane! At temperatures of 32 degrees outside and a sticky 40 degrees inside. For more than six hours, the wee team was focused, disciplined and motivated, right up to the very last minute. During the presentations you could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

And this was thanks to – second tribute coming up – the three musketeers, Mirko Scheffler, Peter Grünewald and Michael Scheibe, and the CEO of weeCONOMY AG in Switzerland, Ewald Schmutz. Once again, the presentations were a tour de force. I think that from the very first minute, the mixture of information and communication with guests, and the fabulous performances of our speakers, really got sparks flying.

Our three musketeers – who always started out in fourth (Peter Grünewald, Mirko Scheffler, Michael Scheibe, Savas Uzun)

The whole thing of course was down to our professional Event Management team, who got scarcely a wink of sleep before the event. In the days leading up to the wee Summit, hundreds of people confirmed their attendance. That made me delighted and very proud – but caused some desperation amongst our event managers. We have now passed this important milestone and are all inspired by what we saw and heard. Which will continue to be the case over the coming weeks and months…

Our capital market activity is dependent on what the team can achieve globally. And vice versa, of course! They both influence and cross–pollinate each other. And you know what? I’ve got a mega–good feeling about it. I’ve had no end of discussions with people from Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, France, Belgium, from Eastern and Southern Germany, and lots of other places… that have given me encouragement. And they’ve made the fire burn even brighter inside me, though I didn’t believe that was even possible.

Now I feel like a boxer who has trained hard, done well in recent bouts and who is looking forward excitedly to the title fight. And this is exactly what will be happening soon for wee, for all of us, and particularly for me personally. The Big Bang and everything that comes with it will bring rewards for all the time, money and passion we are investing in this unique company and in this magnificent brand. The returns will delight us all! The just reward of having our own personal stake in the up–and–coming market leader in global mobile payment. Let’s all step into the ring together. I know that your expertise, your energy, you’re fighting spirit and your motivation will ensure that together we can become champions.

Yours, Cengiz Ehliz

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