1. Zodiac sign ?


2. Favorite color?


3. Favorite dish?

Roast venison with bread dumpling

4. Your favorite place?

Bavaria, Bad Tölz

5. Dog or cat?


6. T-Shirt or button-down shirt?


7. Water, wine or beer?

Red wine, Chianti

Bildquelle: unsplash.com

8. Coffee or tea ?


9. Movies, cabaret, theater or opera?


10. TSV 1860 or FC Bayern?

TSV 1860 Blue-White


11. Your first self-earned money?

Pushing shopping carts in the shopping center Bad Tölz, I was eight years, five marks a day.

12. First car?

VW Golf Diesel

13. Car today?

Mercedes S 63 AMG

Bildquelle: pexels.com

14. Newspaper, magazine, book or internet?

I read on paper as well as virtually and on vacation books.

15. Person with the most fascinating charisma?

Richard Branson, he is completely crazy in a positive sense, he is relaxed, easygoing, sympathetic, but he gets through.

16. What distinguishes a good entrepreneur?

Using the right people in the right positions. And let them take part of his vision.

17. Personal role models?

My Vather, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and Frederick the Great.

Bildquellen: pixabay.com | Von South Africa The Good News https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9747318 | Von Anton Graff https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=529840

18. Favorite politician?


19. Favorite musician or –band?

Rolling Stones

Logo Rolling Stones.svg
Von unbekannt  Logo, Link

20. Favorite athlete?

Usain Bolt, formerly the TSV 1860 soccer storm-duo Pacult/Winkler

Usain Bolt (2009)
Von Erik van Leeuwen – http://www.erki.nl/, GFDL, Link

21. Favorite movie?


Von Bill Goldhttp://www.impawards.com/1942/casablanca.html, Gemeinfrei, Link

22. What motivates you most?

A mission, my family, my children and my core message: “What matters in life are not only the good deeds, but much more what we leave to this world…..“

23. What are you most afraid of?

I am afraid of many things. Fear as good as non – just long-distance flights across the Atlantic.

24. What do you believe in?

Inthe good. I don’t believe in religion – but in God!

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