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Dear readers of my blog,

Three weeks have already passed since my last entry and it’s fair to say January was a weePower month!

Elsewhere, a lot has happened in the world. The new year has already got going with a bang! America has a new president who we must all have to get used to; in Germany and France, candidates for the presidential election and Bundestag election respectively are also on the horizon. In 2017, these exciting elections will make their mark on Europe and the wider world. Elections that could also have an influence on our vision; on our dream of wee’s global expansion.

I too was on the campaign trail!

My goal was to inform people of the status of wee, to present our business’s ambitious strategic and operational objectives for 2017, to raise awareness, to motivate…

It kicked off in Ljubljana on 7th January and then to Bratislava on the 14th with Mirko Scheffler. Then Munich on the 15th with Michael Scheibe, who also accompanied me to Zurich on the 20th, Montreux on the 21st, Paris on the 22nd and then on to Rome on the 28th…

This roadshow – my seven market-specific kickoff meetings out of a total of 10 – was exceptional. Like a sponge, I was able to soak up the energy, discover new impressions, opinions and ideas from thousands of people across Europe.

It’s always a pleasure to meet people who have already dedicated themselves 100% to our common idea – plus also guests who I hope to be able to win over to our business and philosophy. It now remains for me to process these emotional impressions, to reflect on them and to balance them with our strategy and future plans.

For me personally, these events, with all the stress they entail, are the truest fountain of youth. There’s nothing better than seeing a constantly developing international team, who in their individual countries, are all super-motivated and committed to our wee project.

I am firmly convinced of this: This year, we will achieve our ambitious goals!


Cengiz Ehliz

PS and good news: In the article about bullying that recently appeared in various media, in which I was presented as a victim of cyberbullying from the USA, there is also a sad chapter on football world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger, victim of bullying by coach Mourinho. Since Saturday that is history – Bastian celebrated his glittering comeback with Manchester United by scoring a dream goal in the cup… Hats off to him! Legends fight, and never let things get them down!

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  1. Stuart Murray - February 4, 2017 at 12:26 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing your insights Cengiz! Wee look forward to welcoming you to the UK soon.

  2. Ludovic REY-ROBERT - March 24, 2017 at 3:36 pm Reply

    Tic… Tac… TIc… TAc… TIC… TAC… SURPRISE !!!
    The wee is there!
    And you can not do without it!
    Real happiness!

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