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Dear readers of my blog,

dear ladies and gentlemen,

esteemed sales partners, towards whom my time is dedicated today,

following several exciting days in which my emotional barometer was in the red zone – in a thoroughly positive manner – I find myself sitting here by the idyllic Lake Tegernsee and writing these lines between meetings and workshops, motivated by the positive flow of the conversations with MPM heads Mirko Scheffler and Peter Grünewald as well as the CSOs of the individual countries. During this week, we have laid the foundations for at least the next 10 mega-successful years to come. That which belongs together is coming together. I always sensed it, always knew it…

But one thing at a time:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday were all about the preparations for the roll-out of our new weeSports & Entertainment division under the formal umbrella of weeConomy AG. Alongside the finalisation of our projects presented on Saturday, weeLoveRomandie, weeLoveLausitz and the strategic and operative cooperation with Sonnenklar.TV as top milestones, in the Munich office we held incredibly exciting presentations and conversations on other regions in Europe, with fascinating personalities from politics, board members and presidents of various professional clubs. I don’t want to give away too much here, but I’ll just say this: weeLoveAllgäu is in pole position!
  • The media event on Friday was necessary: the bashing carried out by these strange “Depeschen” (a network of online portals) is no skin off my nose personally, but the obvious extortion behind this – which is, in my view, a one-two by ex-CEO Rudi Engelsberger and wannabe-troubleshooter Tom Rohrböck that has been going on for years – requires communication and clearing up. What was important was the clear message that we all sent as a team. The only ones who can put pressure on us are ourselves. And we do so because we have fun and because we want to. Nobody else has the right to annoy us, to pressurise us, let alone to coerce or blackmail us. This message applies now and for all time! This includes all the companies, all the managers, all the employees, all those who are active for us and loyal towards us, all those who form part of the constantly growing global weeFamily. Anyone who attacks one of us should expect a swift and tough comeback. In this context: thank you to the individuals acting on behalf of Swiss Fintec Invest AG for having my back, in particular Leo Schrutt and Ewald Schmutz. Thank you to my friend Michi Scheibe, who dragged himself from the operating table in hospital onto the podium of the press conference on crutches, and whose enthusiasm could not be curbed. Thank you to our lawyers, Mr. von Hartlieb and Dr. Rückels. And thank you to the team made up of our media spokespersons, who with their usual objectivity and precision, but with all the necessary rigour, launched the campaign and are now implementing it with a number of media partners. Thank you to the journalists and editorial offices for putting their trust in us.
  • Let me put it this way: we are no longer on our way to becoming a highly professional company; we already embody this. With every breath… on Saturday afternoon, as I listened in fascination to the presentations given at our event in front of approx. 800 guests, with my mouth partly hanging open, I drew a comparison: two years ago, our guests were no less impressed than today, but there is one big difference: back then, we were presenting and marketing the vision, while today we are presenting specific, concrete projects. Our movers and shakers on stage perform as mega pros; they encompass a wide variety of characters, rhetoric and outfits, but they are all united by one thing: each of them is an absolute expert, every individual represents a benchmark in his or her industry… they all integrate themselves into our team, nobody considers themselves more important than the idea, the vision, the company. And that’s exactly how pros perform!
  • weeSports & Entertainment will change the world! After all, the networking of the unique stadium digitalisation with the incentives of our innovative cashback and mobile payment system, synchronised with the integration of the stationary retail trade and linked with e-commerce under wee.com for the benefit of 5 billion potential users worldwide is an asset that no other company in the world possesses. Neither Amazon, nor Google, nor Alipay – let alone BMW, Siemens or Deutsche Bank. With the e-money bank license, nothing will stop us from taking the charts of the conventional stock exchanges and crypto exchanges by storm. I would like to be very clear in my commitment, as I have always been: everyone who has invested in us and who invests in us will be soon be very pleased with the positive progress of their investment.
  • Take a look at the new website weesports.com: this amount of emotion, vision, as well as perfectionism and competence simply takes your breath away. But this is just the beginning on the way to the globally outstanding blue chip. The performances by Oliver Kaiser regarding weeSports and Kai Pätzmann on weeEntertainment are still echoing in my ears like thunder, like the Ride of the Valkyries by opera master Richard Wagner.

Let’s rock the world. And as Michi always says: Teamwork makes the dream work. Get started with us! Today is the first day of the future!

Let’s go! Yours, Cengiz Ehliz

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